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A Transformative Journey to Self

Indulge in a day dedicated solely to you – a journey of serenity, enlightenment, healing, and transformation.

For 8+ hours (approx. 8.30 am to approximately 5 pm), immerse yourself in a personalized experience that nurtures your body, mind, and soul.

Our Unique Approach:
Prepare for a day of profound self-discovery as we guide you through a series of empowering experiences. Begin with a luxurious 90-minute massage by the skilled and wonderful Tori, an incredible intuitive bodyworker. Her magical hands will ease your tensions, both physically and spiritually, setting the stage for the transformative journey ahead.







Morning Session (8.30 am - 12 noon):
We'll meet at my Yandina premises at 8.30 am, where I'll personally chauffeur you to Tori's sanctuary. There, indulge in a tailored massage, allowing yourself to just BE. Focus on your intentions for the day and relish the afterglow as I chauffeur you back to Yandina.

Nutritious Interlude:
Back at my premises, savour a nutritious light snack as we revisit your session's purpose. We'll go over the pre-supplied list of questions you are seeking answers to and set the stage for the enlightening afternoon.

Afternoon Session (12 noon onward):
Embark on a journey of guided relaxation and breathwork, into hypnosis, My unique approach involves a body scan to identify and resolve physical or emotional blocks. Explore past lives (don't worry if you don't believe in them) to uncover possible karmic connections and understand unresolved issues influencing your present. The intention will be to receive healing, resolve any issues that have come up, and then close each life. 

Connect with your higher self, often accompanied by guides, angels, and loved ones, to whom we will pose your pre-supplied questions and ask to receive insights and messages aligned with your intentions.  Express gratitude, return to the present, and conclude with a debrief.

Session Recording:
With your permission, an electronic audio file will be provided (excluding induction). This invaluable resource allows you to revisit the session, reinforcing self-discovery and absorbing the insights into your subconscious. Bring a 16GB or larger USB stick to save your personalized recording.

Why Choose Us:
As an intuitive practitioner skilled in Rapid Transformational Therapy that organically evolved into integrating Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique elements, I blend powerful commands with spiritual connections. This style of session serves to better understand your true self and life. Uncover the root causes of your challenges, whether originating from childhood or past lives and gain transformative understanding to empower your present.


Embrace the extraordinary. Book your FREE Discovery Consultation Call to learn more about this empowering program and how it may benefit you. Unlock the transformative potential within you.


Program Options with Fees will be provided during your Free Consultation. You'll receive a full written Intinerary after our call, including a helpful session preparation guide and compulsory forms/paperwork you'll need to complete and return. 

Note: You needn't believe in past lives/reincarnation.  All you need is to
trust the process, be open to possibilities, and allow yourself the gift of self-discovery.


For those who do not like massages, we can tailor the program accordingly.


Massaging hands on a woman's back
Hypnotised woman lying down with beautiful backdrop of the cosmos

New Program Introductory Offer

I am offering an Introductory Special Offer to all existing clients and the first 10 new clients 

* I understand that budgets, especially in current times, may be tight. Please feel free to discuss an interest-free payment plan. It is my intention to help anyone who needs and asks for help. Financial limitations should never be the reason to prohibit your healing journey.

RTT is an internationally acclaimed and multi-award-winning therapy, proven to provide effective solutions for a wide range of presenting physical, psychological and emotional issues.

Your Health &

Personal Development

Removing Blockages

Anxiety | Depression

Stress | Insomnia


Confidence & Self Esteem

Women's Health

Weight Management

Pain Management

Immune System Boosting

Covid-19 Anxiety Support

ADHD & PTSD Relief

Trauma Support

Cancer Support

and much more

Face to Face and Online Sessions available

(except Empowerment Day Spa Program - In person only)

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We'll soon be launching a dedicated "Empowered"  Facebook Group.  Register your interest to join.   Uplifting, educational and empowering content, including videos and podcasts.  Receive special offers. 

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